Program for children with autism or social challenges

Starlight Players: Classes for Children & Teens with with autism or social challenges (*offered in English only at this time)

The Children’s Theatre is proud to offer acting classes for cognitively high functioning children and adolescents with autism or social challenges. No acting experience necessary!


Our school has always believed in drama as a vehicle for self-expression and to promote self-confidence. Now that educators and therapists are realizing the powerful potential of drama for working with children with special needs, this is an ideal extension of our program.

Drama provides an opportunity for students to learn about and practice:

  • Use of imagination and spontaneity
  • Emotional expression through voice and body awareness of self and others
  • Group dynamics

With this in mind, our acting school has created unique classes specifically designed to meet the needs of children and adolescents with autism or social challenges.

Students are accepted on a first come, first served basis. Classes are held once a week on Saturdays. We hold interviews for all new students before classes begin. Please send in a completed registration form with deposit and we will contact you for an interview. For more information call us at 514-484-6620 or email

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